oc7 consulting

We help identify experiances that connect people and drive meaningful outcomes for your organization.

Is your industry under disruption?

Is there another start up rise big investment in your industry? Is trying to disrupt your industry? It is happening to all companies of all sizes to go out of business due to disruption. Do you remember Kodak, Nokia?

We are helping rethink your business model for future customer demands.

Areas where we focus
– eCommerce
– digital commerce & subscription products
– customer experiance

Are you still investing new money on advertising? Did you ask what is your churn rate? Are you having growth strategy or you are cruise around. Are you need someone to talk your eCommerce strategy?

We help you understand your data? Identify new digital products?

Ready for the next step in your digital transformation?

Founder Gorazd Zakrajsek is in digital for more than 10+ years, going from digital agency side to in-house digital leader. Through OC7 we are connecting wide range of multidisciplinary specialist. All our project are run as we would invest in your company – quality before quantity.

What can we execute for your company:

Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

DATA & Analytics Strategy

Ecommerce strategy assestment

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